K2022 - theurer.com at the Windmöller&Hölscher EXPO

Meet theurer.com at the Windmöller&Hölscher EXPO in the Technology Centre in Lengerich. Visiting the W&H Technology Centre is one of the outstanding highlights of the K trade fair. We are very proud to be a partner of W&H with our industry-specific ERP/MIS solution C3. Together with W&H we have developed an interface that can transfer the print and extrusion order data from C3 ERP/MIS directly to the W&H Ruby platform and machines. The reverse booking from the press operating data is transferred back to C3 ERP/MIS. A closed loop in terms of a printing and #packaging industry-specific IoT (Industry of Things or Internet of Things) or Industry 4.0. Visit us at W&H on 20/21 & 24/25 October We look forward to seeing you! 

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