CRM | Customer Relationship Management

Your customers are the foundation of your success. Besides the acquisition of new customers, building a long-term and successful relationship with your existing customers is the major objective for your company. C3 offers all the functionality you expect from a trend-setting solution, which does more than the fundamental administration of your customers.

Your key advantages

  • Telephony integration gives you an overview of outstanding orders or complaints even before the phone call comes, which keeps you up to speed on all current matters for the conversation
  • The entire scope of communication, e.g. call notes or visit reports, is managed in a structured way – visible and transparent for the whole team
  • The built-in follow-up and task lists make your sales representatives more efficient and optimize teamwork with the internal sales team
  • The campaign planner helps you find suitable addresses for a specific theme and organize a mail shot or telemarketing campaign
CRM Account Dashboard

For a quick overview of your customer account: the CRM Account Dashboard shows all sales, orders, actions, open invoices and other information that is important for your daily work in a clear and transparent way. Even when you're on the road, you can access all data with the mobile CRM app on your smartphone, which also allows you to recognize callers and quickly and easily call your customers from the car or on the road. The browser based responsive design automatically adapts to your device - mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

Opportunity-Management and Lead-Scoring
  • Free Segmentation of addresses in target groups, potentials, ...
  • Working on leads via lead states
  • Lead-Scoring, via e.g. activities, target groups, ...

-->automatically prioritized sales opportunity lists

Process Management

All personal, telephonic and written contacts with your customers are registered in C3. You have the overview of the development of your customer relations as well as mailed advertising or other correspondence at any time. The structured construction of the events using individual process categories permits a simple overview and required action within processes. E.g. single events can be indicated when "completed" or "in progress”. It is also possible to find arbitrary occurrences of words or partial words in events and also in documents such as Word letters with the C3 full text search.

Follow up and Tasks

C3 supports your own daily work organization with system-wide resubmission, the scope of which includes company-wide task and calendar functionality. You can assign yourself, your colleagues or an entire team to your choice of C3 objects such as customers, offers or e.g. also a specific tool and plan visits or discussions. To do so, you have the option of using C3 internal management or your own Outlook calendar.

Sales and service projects

With the C3 project management all information about a certain project is at your disposal at all times. A project also includes all relevant events and e-mails, documents as well as all receipts (estimates, quotations) linked to all companies involved and contact person. With the help of freely definable project phases your sales force knows which sales are on the radar, and where the most profitable sales chances lie.

Campaign Planning

Valuable data is made easily available for marketing action and mailings. From a completed marketing action, you have relevant contacts for any follow up. The integrated address import and export assistant feeds purchased addresses in C3 and makes them available for other programs. The integrated standard letter manager creates customer cover letters in the desired format. All events are documented in the system, making transparent customer service issues and new customers gained.

Link to Google Maps

Your meeting ended earlier than you thought? Use the rest of the day for a spontaneous customer visit nearby!

With the new link to Google Maps as part of the CRM module you can check with your mobile device whether other customers or suspects are close by your meeting point. This way you can drive by and take the time for a visit. You improve the relationship and take advantage of the gained time. 

Mobile CRM

With Mobile CRM we offer the familiar features of the CRM module for your mobile device. With the new mobile version you can quickly call up the most important data in the database before a customer appointment, check the latest transactions and any complaints, and have the names of all important contacts at your fingertips.

Additional features at a glance

  • Telephony integration via TAPI
  • Organization of incoming and outgoing e-mails
  • Campaign planning for e.g. mailings
  • Follow-up and task lists
  • Address import and duplicate analysis
  • AdressAddress export for external service providers
  • Field sales management inc. visit reports