t-screen Dashboards
the smart way of company communication t-screen dashboards revolutionize your company communication. Controlled centrally and independently from all platforms you can inform your employees directly about the company's processes. The dashboards can be shown on fixed displays, mobile devices or PCs. The contents can be individualized based on the location it is shown. 

The dashboards can use data from ERP software or from any other source to visualize information with an OnPremise-solution or a cloud infrastructure.

The most important use cases:

  • Management-Dashboards – key numbers at a glance
  • Welcome Dashboards – the first impression of your company
  • Performance Dashboards – transparent production performance
  • Facility Dashboards – visualization of key process parameters
  • Digital White Board – internal communication made simple

Clearly structured and uncluttered the company dashboard shows the most important numbers. With that you are steeled for any meeting and keep the overview.

Welcome Dashboard

Place a big display in your entry area and welcome guests as well as new employees as soon as they enter the building. You can show realtime data from your ERP software as well as static content like recently won awards. It is the perfect place to give the entrants the most important information about your company since everybody is passing the Welcome Dashboard at least once a day.


On the Management Dashboard you can visualize the company's key numbers. All data is shown in real time, so it changes when something in the production changes. 

This dashboard is your cockpit to monitor the key performance numbers at central points during the production and to give your managers a quick overview over your key numbers.

Performance Dashboards

The Performance t-screens show the performance of machines, facilities and electronic machine counters. Here the production performance is measured and visualized. Deviations from the desired values are noted and enhanced graphically so a quick interception is made possible to avoid long machine stops. Even a slowdown of the production speed is spotted and reported immediately, so that a complete stop can be prevented.

Facility Dashboards

Facility Dashboards are similar to the Performance Dashboards but survey the production conditions. Previously set parameters are constantly recorded and visualized to guarantee a complete monitoring of all production parameters and to avoid production stops. The clear graphical presentation of the recorded data decreases the reaction time if there's a deviation from the set parameters.

Digital Whiteboard

To simplify the internal communication the centrally operated "Digital Whiteboards" spread information quickly to your employees. In highly frequented rooms such as break rooms or cafeterias the whiteboards show the most important information of the day such as the menu, dates of company sports, or promotions. New announcements can easily be made with a smartphone.

A quick overview over your advantages

  • Easy combination of real time data and static data
  • Machine monitoring with electronic counters
  • Easy editing with drag + drop
  • Perfect for mobile and big screens (responsive)
  • Cloud infrastructure for world wide access
  • new content can be published easily with a smartphone