Additional Modules
your perfect solution! C3 unites the ease of widespread standard software with the benefits of an industry-specific customized individual solution. You can customize and extend C3 step by step according to your requirements because of the modular structure of C3.

Office Modules

ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning

Contains the administrative core business processes for sales, purchasing, inventory and logistics.

  • customers/ prospect/ suppliers
  • sales and articles
  • purchasing and material planning
  • stock management/ physical inventory
  • fork lift terminal
  • logistics


EST | Estimating

Configures your products and leads to cost transparency and the optimal way of production.

  • product configuration
  • decision tables
  • pricing/ price simulation e.g. for tender
  • gross-margin/ total cost


QM | Quality Management

Supports you in securing and improving your quality standards.

  • internal/ external complaints
  • test plans and certificates
  • supplier rating


BI | Business Intelligence und Controlling

Supplies key figures and analysis of every department to navigate your company.

  • pre-defined or individual statistics/ analysis/ reports
  • mobile access
  • dashboards
  • workflow lists
  • interactive reports
    • pivot diagrams
    • pivot tables
  • t-screen dashboards


DMS | Document Management System

Administers documents and files for all processes.

  • article-related or customer-related
  • graphics, CAD outlines, order descriptions as well as illustrations by the customer
  • article-related tasks with documents


CRM | Customer Relationship Management

Organizes sales and marketing and brings you closer to your customers and prospects.

  • action management
  • follow ups/ tasks
  • sales and service projects
  • marketing campaigns
  • e-mail integration Outlook




Production Modules

PPS | Production Planning System

Organizes your production processes and administers your resources.

  • work plans
  • bill of material
  • production orders
  • capacities and scheduling planning
  • scheduling board
  • simulation
  • material-requirement-planning


SFC | Shop Floor Control

Leads to transparency in costs and performance in production and is the base for actual costing.

  • logging of machines times and material consumption
  • actual costing/ target/ actual comparison
  • integration of electronic machine counters
  • "digital job ticket"


DMI | Direct Machine Interface

High-End solution for industrial real-time machine monitoring.


RT | Roll stock and traceability

Ensures traceability and ensures quality.

  • Single roll and pallet logistics for sales, purchasing and semi finished goods
  • Labeling with GS1/ SSCC pallet slips, carton stickers, core and closing labels
  • gapless material tracing (BRC or EU specification 178/2002) Purchasing: roll/lots <-> Sales: lots/pallets/rolls
  • Identification on every finished roll in x and y dimension of the job




Automation Modules

WP | Web-Portal

Your online service center for your customers.

  • upload artwork
  • approval cycle and "one-click-approval"
  • article and version (SKU) management
  • inventory and orders
  • order status


WE | Web-Estimating

Online estimating and web-to-print for labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons.

  • Online-Estimating with a true C3 estimate and product configuration in the background
  • Automatic creation of products, customer, order data
  • Internal workflow automated
  • End-to-End Workflow from the web to the press without "human interaction"


JDF | Workflow-Automation

Internal connection of different systems and machines

  • Prepress
  • Press
  • Postpress