Artificial Intelligence
Game Changer for the Production Planning

Game Changer: Fully Automated Production Optimization with Artificial Intelligence

Smaller orders, shorter delivery times, greater material diversity: production planning is getting more complex and fast-paced, often requiring the "steady hand" of an experienced planner. This is now a thing of the past: using Artificial Intelligence, C3 optimizes the entire production planning process in a fully automated manner.

Your Key Advantages at a Glance

  • Fully automated optimization of production planning powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Minimization of missed delivery dates and set-up times, maximization of machine capacity
  • Automatic determinization of the best possible planning scenario
  • Cloud computing for high performance


Different methods of Artificial Intelligence combined
C3 AI combines several of the latest theoretical methods from research and science to create various scenarios such as minimization of missed delivery deadlines or maximization of plant capacity utilization.

Dynamic global planning: Deliveries on schedule and set-up time savings
The results are automatically generated job sequences per machine that are ideal in their consideration of delivery dates, material availability, replenishment times, savings related to set-up time and existing capacities. New orders can be dynamically scheduled at any time. Flexible machine configurations allow all factors that are relevant to set-up time to be optimized. For you, that means that moving forward, only the parts of your machines that absolutely need to be converted between two jobs will be. With flexible prioritizations – and depending on current market requirements – you can place more emphasis on the on-time delivery of orders from key accounts or minimizing costs.

Cloud Computing for High Performance
The enormous computing power needed for this Artificial Intelligence application is provided by in high performance data centers via cloud.

Standalone Cloud Service and REST-API integration production scheduling can be run with the C3 ERP/MIS or can be connceted to your existing software solution.
The AI engine runs in the cloud an can be accessed via an API.
Basically the input is a job list with job characteristics and deadlines, worksteps with time and material consumption, a shift calender for resources.
Some features are optional, e.g the check for material availability. If this is needed, then a material list with replenishment time, inventory and purchasing forecast needs to be provided as well.
The output are planning scenarios, which include a schedule for each resource with an exact start and stop time for each work step. Also the setup time that was saved.
The integration is simple and we can support and consult with our knowledge. You gather the inputs, call the API with it, receive the optimal scenario, import and process this scenario in your system.