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Workflow Automation
work efficiently and fast

C3 helps with streamlining and automating processes and operations to make them more efficient. Learn more about it on the following pages.

The Workflow Automation with theurer.com C3 offers several possibilities to automate your processes. Not only can you organize and arrange your input/output, you can also create Live-To-Do-Lists for users, departments and other areas of your company. You can also make personal "Daily Dashboards" or e-mail notifications for yourself or members of your department. The automation server for workflow skripting simplifies the creation of tasks in your company.

One example for the countless possibilities for workflow automation is the following:

  • Shortage Lists
    • automatically created from current stock, orders and production planning
  • Material Staging List
    • automatically created from machine occupation plans and storage locations
  • Prepress-ToDo List
    • automatically created print forms or graphical work from approval states, product specification or order specifications
  • Sales Follow Up List
  • and many more ...

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