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The online service center for the printing and packaging industry

The C3 web portal is a unique tool for service oriented customer loyalty and offers great benefits to you as the manufacturer as well. Your customers can securely and safely manage and check their individual item data and orders 24/7. In addition to huge time and cost savings in order processing, the platform enables a secure, fast and transparent workflow for customers and suppliers. The C3 web portal itself is designed as a modular system and offers functions to manage tailor-made customer products and classic standard items. 
For tailor-made customer products, C3 allows you to manage the approval process as well as the grades and their ordering, while providing classic e-commerce functionality for standard items. All data from the C3 web portal comes directly from the C3 database and is also entered into C3. Unlike third-party E-business solutions, this does not require any data to be exported or imported or any repeat entry of data. During an order, you can e.g. check in real time whether a stock item is available in the desired quantity.

Your key advantages:

  • Clear article and variant/sku management
  • Shorter processing times
  • Easy ordering and call-off procedures
  • Simplified approval processes
  • Safety and transparency in workflow for both parties
  • Huge savings in time and cost
  • Increased efficiency through easing of workload for employees
  • Good reputation thanks to excellent customer service
Activating the portal for customers

Once you activate the C3 web portal for your customer's respective contact partner, they can login in the password protected area. Employees can create and manage articles and variants/skus and initiate orders and call-offs. Your customer can now control and execute all order processes in the web portal.

Online approval process

After placing of order, your customer has direct access to the approval process. Approval lists indicate which templates still need to be approved. Soft proofs are available as PDF downloads. The customer can request changes or issue approvals. All online activities are documented chronologically.

Orders and call-offs / Order management

Order entry and order processing is significantly easier as the complete item database is available from the web portal. Placing repeat orders and call-offs are uncomplicated; offers and open orders are easy to track. Item histories make all activities traceable.

Functionality and integration in C3

The user-friendliness of the C3 web portal is particularly convenient for you and your customers. You immediately receive notification via email after each action from your customers. The data stored as a PDF or JPG file, can be opened immediately in real time and do not have to be synchronized or uploaded, which saves you a great deal of effort. The C3 web portal can be completely integrated into the C3 software or used as an individual solution in combination with other interfaces.

Infrastructure and technology

The user interface can be customized to your own corporate design using CSS files. Access for customers and contact persons can be individually configured; each access can be set up for various functions and access rights. Customer designs (JPG-/PDF-files) are made available in the customer's item database occurs via the integration of the prepress workflow, either via JDF, Hotfolder or C3 DMS.

Access to the C3 web portal isn't subject to your particular web browser and works on all standard platforms such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

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