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C3 | ERP/MIS Business Software
Finally a matching software

theurer.com C3 is the leading ERP/MIS business management software for enterprises in the print and packaging industry. C3 covers every area of your business – from estimating to manufacturing all the way through to accounting and reporting. theurer.com C3 unites the benefits of a wide-spread standard software with the benefit of an industry-specific individual solution.

Philosophy of C3-Software

Simple and Solid

  • Microsoft Office user interface "look-and-feel" and integration, multilingual
  • extensive standard of commercial core functionality


  • modular architecture – theurer.com C3 grows with your demands
  • extraordinary update proof configuration options: "customizing"

Industry Specific

  • true automation of typical core processes
  • integration of industry partners

Your most important benefits:

  • Ready to use standard functionality
  • Highly-specialized industry-specific functionality
  • Quick project implementation by print+packaging specialists
  • State of the art base IT infrastructure
  • Modular structure with limitless expandability
  • "Best-Practice" processes via Business Templates

Modular Structure

step by step according to your requirements

C3 thus combines the advantages of a widely used ERP system with the benefits of specially developed industry software. Thanks to its entirely modular structure, theurer.com C3 can be adapted to your requirements and expanded step by step. The modular software architecture allows a step-by-step introduction as well as the later integration of additional software modules for future requirements, thus ensuring investment protection for your company.

Software Modules – flexibly expandable for current and future requirements

Office Modules

ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning

Contains the administrative core business processes for sales, purchasing, inventory and logistics.

  • Customers, prospect and suppliers
  • Sales and articles
  • Purchasing and material planning
  • Stock management / physical inventory
  • Fork lift terminal
  • Logistics

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EST | Estimating

Configures your products and provides the optimised way of production.

  • Product configuration
  • Decision tables
  • Pricing / price simulation e.g. for tender
  • Gross-margin / total cost

more about Estimating

BI | Business Intelligence und Controlling

Supplies key figures and analytics for the controlling of every aspect of your company.

  • Pre-defined or individual statistics / analysis / reports
  • Mobile access
  • Dashboards
  • Workflow lists
  • Interactive reports
    • Pivot diagrams
    • Pivot tables
  • t-screen dashboards

more about BI

CRM | Customer Relationship Management

Helps manage sales and marketing and brings you closer to your customers and prospects.

  • Sales Dashboard
  • Opportunity Management and Lead Scoring
  • Action Management
  • Follow ups / tasks
  • Sales and service projects
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • E-mail integration of Outlook

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DMS | Document Management System

Manages documents and files for all processes.

  • Management of files, documents, e-mails
  • Import via Drag & Drop
  • Management of prepress PDFs incl. automatic preview generation
  • PDF archiving of all formal external documents

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QM | Quality Management

Assists you in securing and improving your quality standards.

  • Internal / external complaints
  • Test plans and certificates
  • Supplier rating

more about QM

Production Modules

PPS | Production Planning System

Organizes your production processes and manages your resources.

  • Work plans
  • Bill of material
  • Production orders
  • Capacities and scheduling planning
  • Scheduling board
  • Simulation
  • Material-requirement-planning

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SFC | Shop Floor Control

Provides transparency of costs and performance in production and is the basis for controlling.

  • Logging of machines times and material consumption
  • Actual costing / target / actual comparison
  • Integration of electronic machine counters
  • Digital job ticket

more about SFC

DMI | Direct Machine Interface

Automatic data collection thanks to machine interface with electronic counters - incl. monitoring board and machine protocol. Your path towards Industry 4.0.

  • High-end solution for machine data monitoring
  • Industrial real-time monitoring

more about DMI

TR | Traceability

Ensures traceability and ensures quality.

  • Single roll and pallet logistics for sales, purchasing and semi finished goods
  • Labeling with GS1 / SSCC pallet slips, carton stickers, core and closing labels
  • Gapless material tracing (BRC or EU specification 178/2002) Purchasing: roll/lots <-> Sales: lots/pallets/rolls
  • Identification on every finished roll in x and y dimension of the job

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Automation Modules

WP | Web-Portal

Your online service center for your customers.

  • Upload artwork
  • Approval cycle and "one-click-approval"
  • Article and version (sku) management
  • Inventory and orders
  • Order status

more about Web-Portal

WE | Web-Estimating

Online estimating and web-to-print for labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons.

  • Online-estimating with a true C3 estimate and product configuration in the background
  • Automatic creation of products, customer, order data
  • Internal workflow automated
  • End-to-end workflow from the web to the press without "human interaction"

more about Web-Estimating

JDF | Workflow-Automation

Internal connection of different systems and machines

  • Prepress
  • Press
  • Postpress

more about JDF



Scalable Solution

for companies of every size

The modular system architecture allows that also future requirements are met and therefore ensures your investment. The two product editions Standard and Enterprise offer a scalable solution for companies of every sizes.

product editions

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