C3 | ERP/MIS Business Software
Finally a matching software C3 is the leading ERP/MIS business management software for enterprises in the print and packaging industry. C3 covers every area of your business – from estimating to manufacturing all the way through to accounting and reporting. C3 unites the benefits of a wide-spread standard software with the benefits of a industry-specific individual solution.

Scalable solution – For companies of every sizes.
The modular system architechture allows that also future requirements are met and therefore ensures your investment. The two product editions Standard and Enterprise offer a scalable solution for companies of every sizes.

product editions

Your most important benefits:

  • Ready to use standard functionality
  • Highly-specialized industry-specific functionality
  • Quick project implementation by print+packaging specialists
  • State of the art base IT infrastructure
  • Modular structure with limitless expandability
  • "Best-Practice" processes via Business Templates

Modular Structure

step by step according to your requirements C3 unites the ease of widespread standard software with the benefits of an industry-specific customized individual solution. You can customize and extend C3 step by step according to your requirements due to the modular structure.

Additional Software Modules

for future applications


ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning

Contains the administrative core business processes for sales, purchasing, inventory and logistics.


PPS | Production Planning System

Organizes your production processes and administers your resources.


EST | Estimating

Configures your products and leads to cost transparency and the optimal way of production.


SFC | Shop Floor Control

Leads to transparency in costs and performance in production and is the base for actual costing.


DMI | Direct Machine Interface

High-End solution for industrial real-time machine monitoring.


QM | Quality Management
RT | Roll stock and traceability

Ensures traceability and ensures quality.


BI | Business Intelligence und Controlling

Supplies key figures and analysis of every department to navigate your company.


DMS | Document Management System

Administers documents and files for all processes.


CRM | Customer Relationship Management

Organizes sales and marketing and brings you closer to your customers and prospects.


WP | Web-Portal

Your online service center for the printing and packaging customers.


WE | Web-Estimating

Online estimating and web-to-print for print and packaging.