The installation of new ERP software is only the first step. A successful software implementation means a lot of work. In addition to clear project goals, you need a realistic project plan and a clear assignment of responsibilities. With our "all from one source" concept, we offer the following services as part of an ERP software project:


Project consulting services:

  • Potential analysis
  • Project planning
  • Project management
  • Custom implementation/ Customizing
  • Individual developments/ Add-ins
  • Training
  • Employee qualification and monitoring
  • Optimization


We regularly offer workshops on special topics within C3. Our workshops address all C3 users who want to deepen their skills in certain areas in C3.

Current workshops:

  • Administration (Installation, Update) 
  • Administration (Views, Analysis, Reports)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customizing/ Poweruser
  • Estimating(Basic)
  • Automation Estimating/ Product configuration
  • Shop Floor/ Actual costing

Management Consulting

Your business is constantly subjected to a wide variety of changes and adaptation of customer and market requirements. In order to successfully compete in challenging markets in the long run, all processes must be actively managed and aimed in the right direction. Lean internal processes, enforcement of quality standards or transparency of costs should not remain buzz words. Therefore, the potential must be recognized and derived objectives and strategies are implemented consistently. Our focus is the optimization of all internal business processes. With this in mind, we analyze your current situation and form realistic optimization goals from your visions. Together we develop new process structures and we invest our years of industry experience. 

Completed Projects:

  • Optimization of warehouse stock locations
  • Electronic data interchange with customers / suppliers
  • Actual costing and estimate controlling
  • Sales force management
  • And much more...