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WE | Web-Estimating
Online-Estimating for individual products and web-shops for standard products

The online estimating and web-to-print features for labels, flexible packaging or folding cartons enables full integration of the C3 automated production workflow and order processing in connection with digital printing. While the end customer configures his product online, the price is automatically estimated and shown. The product configurator also takes technical features into account. The solution offers a reliable end-to-end workflow from the online shop to digital production, generally without requiring any manual data input or data control from your employees. 
Additionally there are also control points that can be activated to enable user-controlled workflow. In addition to growth potential in the web-to-print segment that is not to be overlooked, this online module brings an enormous improvement in efficiency thanks to the complete automation of the internal processes, especially with the processing of smaller runs.

Your key advantages

  • Entirely automated order processing
  • Based on your internal estimating rules
  • End-to-end Worklfow: from the Internet to your digital press automated via JDF
  • Combination of a traditional sales representative workflow with true web-to-print
Configuration as an open or closed system

The ability to configure the system as an "open" or "closed" portal allows even more flexibility. Whereas in closed mode, only customers you have approved beforehand can log on, the online estimation function in open mode is open to everyone. Here, you have the ability to configure the types of products for which maximum quantities are possible in the online calculation. This opens up a whole set of new possibilities to serve your target markets and gain new market shares.

Seamless integration into offline order processing

The processes of online estimating and the additional commercial processing are completely integrated in C3 on the basis of reliable price determination via a "real-time eatimation" in the background. When an online order comes in from your existing customer or new customers, an order is generated and, at the same time, your sales team receives an e-mail confirming the receipt of a new order. With one click, this online order can now be transferred to the normal order pool for further processing and dispatching to production. Within the entire process, there is subsequently no further difference between orders which your customers themselves have made and those made by your team. The result achieved is an end-to-end workflow from the online shop to digital production, such as an HP Indigo, without employee intervention. By deliberately activating certain checkpoints, this automated workflow can be directed by the user as the "final word".

Additional features at a glance

  • Complete online estimating for your customers and prospects
  • Additional web-shop option for standard articles
  • Based on your real internal estimates
  • Configured as an open or closed system

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