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Business Templates
for print and packaging

Pre-configured solutions

for a fast project start

Business Templates are pre-configured C3 systems for different areas in the printing and packaging industry with special requirements. They ensure a fast project start up and make sure that you don't "reinvent the wheel". For the most industry specific business processes we already have several „Best-Practice“ solutions available. You just build on certain business processes, which have already proved themselves in the daily business instead of setting up your own processes with all different options and features from scratch. With the help of many customer projects and the love for details we kept improving these processes and hard earned our excellent reputation as a print and packaging specialist. Furthermore, a business template also contains templates for the estimating of your products. Companies with a wider portfolio can also combine different business templates.  Every business template offers an already very sophisticated industry specific base, which you can further customize and automate as you like.

Your most important benefits

  • Fast project start
  • Profit from Best-Practice-Processes
  • Use the Know-How of our print and packaging specialists


C3 "Best-Practice" solutions

Within these templates we already set up industry specific master data, business processes, print outs and statistics and ensure that your project progresses quickly. We offer these Business-Templates: 

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