The VskE General Assembly: We are there.

As a member of the Association of Self-Adhesive Label and Narrow Web Converters (VskE), we at are delighted to be taking part in the upcoming General Assembly from 20-22 April 2023. This year's meeting will be held in Altensteig-Wart, Germany, and we are excited about the diverse programme that awaits us.

A highlight of the programme will be a presentation by a renowned expert on "Sustainability in the Label Industry". Given the growing importance of sustainability in today's business world, this is a very relevant topic for our industry. We are looking forward to learning more and exchanging ideas on sustainable practices and innovations in the label industry.

Another interesting topic on the programme is the discussion of the impact of technological developments on the label industry. The rapid development of technologies such as digital printing and automation brings new opportunities and challenges to our industry. We look forward to learning from experts in the field and discussing how we can use these technologies in our business.

In addition to the technical content, the VskE Members' Meeting will also provide ample opportunity for networking. We plan to attend networking events to exchange ideas with other members, make new contacts and deepen existing relationships. Networking within the association allows us to benefit from the experiences and perspectives of other companies and to further develop our own network.

Overall, we are excited to be part of the VskE Members' Meeting and see this event as a platform for knowledge sharing, networking and education. We look forward to the inspiring days ahead and to meeting and learning from our association colleagues.

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