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C3 Core Functionalities
Workflow – Multi Company – Customizing

C3 Core includes all basic functionalities that are used in the modules and areas of C3 to offer a solid and efficient base for all additional modules.

User Interface C3.2020

Intuitive, modern and easily customizable – this is the new C3.2020 user interface. Intuitive and familiar in MS Office style. Modern with responsive design, 4K-support as well as a fresh optic. Easily customizable for international demands or your personal "feel good" optic.

  • Mobile access/ touch optimization
  • Multi language and internationality
  • Different themes, styles and 4K-support
  • Microsoft Office style and integration


Multi Company Workflow

With the multi company feature you can link several company sites as well as subsidiaries and/or sister companies. You can exchange master data and the intercompany workflow can be automated. Depending on your requirements, C3 offers three different solutions with various characteristics:

  • Profit Center
  • Multi Company
  • Hybrid-Solution


Workflow Automation
  • Organizes input/output of organizational units
  • Live ToDo-lists for users, departments, ...
  • E-Mail notifications for important events
  • Personal "daily dashboards" to start the day
  • Automation server for workflow skripting


Technology & Infrastructure

C3 is based on modern Microsoft IT-infrastructure and server technologies

  • Modular structure
  • Personalized and international user interface
  • Program sequence with Add-In technology easily customizable
  • Individual design of reports
  • Tested for compatibility by Microsoft


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