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Multi Company Workflow
connect multiple locations and companies

With the Multi Company Feature in C3 you can connect multiple locations of your company as well as subsidiaries and affiliates. You can exchange master data and automate the intercompany workflow. Depending on your requirements we offer three different concepts. Get in contact with us to learn which solution fits best with your workflow and processes.

Profit Center
„Small Solution “
Identical Master Data
Inter-Company Workflow "pragmatical"
Internal Offsetting via reports and bookings in accounting
Multi Companies
„Big Solution“
Synchronization of specific master data
Inter-Company Workflow "formal"
Internal Offsetting via formal deliveries
"complex solution"
Combination of Profit Center and Multi Company Solution
Display of complex corporation structures
Profit Centers
  • "small" solution
  • identical master data
  • inter-company workflow "pragmatical"
  • internal offsetting via reports and bookings in accounting

Profit Center work with the same installation, infrastructure and database, while master data like materials and machies are identical, while customers, suppliers and user can be assigned to one of the centers to guarantee that a customer always gets his order from the same location or a user is always working from the same location.

To differenciate Profit Centers, departments, locations or companies from each other, each Profit Center uses a different number range for offers, invoices or delivery notes. Financial data can be easily exported or verified. 

The offsetting of materials or other consumption happens internally via reports and is booked in the accounting system. For this reason all connected profit centers should work with the same financial accounting plan.

For the Profit Center solution a terminal server is established that every Center can use. 

Typical examples can be the following:

  • easy exchange and sharing of production resources, for example shifting one order from location A to location B
  • use of material from location A at location B
  • for the outside location A responsible for division 1 and location B for division 2
  • general production planning happens via Profit Centers
Multi Companies
  • "big solution"
  • synchronisation of specific master data
  • inter-company workflow "formal"
  • internal offsetting via formal deliveries

The Multi Company solution is mandatory if you have locations in different currency areas. A separate installation, infrastructur and database is necessary to guarantee a smooth collaboration. Both locations synchronize only some master data and otherwise work with a formal workflow like they would do it with third parties.

The workflow of a Multi Company solution can look like this:

  • documents are transferred and converted automatically
    • Location A: outgoing delivery note -> Location B: incoming delivery note
    • including material tracking like pallet IDs, box IDs, ... 
    • Location A: order -> Location B: incoming order
  • Master data can be exchanged transformed automatically
    • Production and Delivery of article A -> B
    • Production of location A is delivered to location B as "simple sales article"
Hybrid Lösung
  • Combines both solutions, most complex scenario
  • The same companies are grouped as separate entities
  • Entities have several companies/ locations as Pofit Centers

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