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TR | Traceability

Proper roll stock management is the answer to meeting high demands concerning traceability and quality assurance. Manufacturers of roll products can effortlessly meet their customers’ most complex requirements with regard to traceability and logistics labeling, such as compliance with GS1 or hygiene standards. All rolls - from raw materials to semi-finished goods to finished products - are given a unique roll identification number for this purpose. At each step in the process, the individual rolls, batches, or pallets are consumed, created, and labeled. This process can be further automated in conjunction with electronic machine counters.

Your key advantages

  • Continuous traceability for individual rolls, batches, and pallets for quality assurance
  • Automated and meter exact traceability in combination with direct machine interface
  • Complete customer-specific logistics labeling for rolls, cartons and pallet labels

Customer-specific logistics labels and labeling for in-house logistics is made extremely easy with the use of pallet slips or roll labels. As a result, you receive the continuous recording, tracking and logistics labeling of raw material, finished and semi-finished goods based on individual rolls, batches or pallets.

Additional features at a glance

  • Unique identification number for each roll, batch, pallet
  • Traceability of raw materials, semi-finished, and finished goods
  • Planning and recording all used rolls, batches, and pallets

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