Partnership and webinar with tesa is going new ways! We are pleased to inform you that we have partnered up with tesa, more precisely, with tesa Converter Management. tesa is setting up its new digital series: "tesa Converter Management connects you with the experts!" where they'll introduce innovative and useful partners for your converting business. And guess what: We're the first ones to partner up with tesa. Our Sales Account Manager Joachim Schütz is a specialist in ERP and MIS software solutions and will be co-hosting this event together with Bernd Schweitzer, Converting Manager DACH from tesa.

What's in there for you? Participate and let us show you how you can profit from a partnership with one of the leading companies in the converter business. Of course this webinar is relevant for all companies in the print and packaging industry. For companies with many variants and variations in their production portfolio, from roll to roll or to sheets, finding a well-fitting, industry specific ERP/MIS solution and a trustworthy partner is not an easy task. Let us show you how you can improve your business processes using our software and why more than 200 enterprises in 30 countries with more than 14.000 users can't be wrong!

There are going to be two sessions to select from, so take your time and join this free webinar.




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