connect your company optimally

To simplify and automate your processes, C3 links all further used software in your company via interfaces. No matter if logistic supplier, accounting software or an application you are using in your prepress department. The possibilities are endless.


The interface to the accounting application Addison simplifies the transmission of personal and financial data.

The different interfaces to the economic software DATEV allow for a lot of possibilities to transmit data and information. 

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Interface to the accounting software GDC. Transmits financial and employee data.

We also have interfaces to international applications, for example the hungarian accounting software "Pohoda".

Transmission of different financial data to the eGecko software.

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The interface to the Business Software BMD enables you to a smooth and correct transmission of financial data for settlements.

The interface to the accounting software Intact transmits personal, invoice and other financial data reliably and exactly.

Sage: one application, different possibilities. We have the matching interfaces: invoices, personnel data and a lot more can be transmitted.

Transmission of invoices to Stepcom for further distribution.

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You self-developed your accounting software? We already offer several inerfaces to company-specific applications. Talk to us to learn how your applications can implemented in C3.

Purchasing/ Sales

Blindtext Avery Import

The interface to the adhesive material producer HERMA enables a fast communication between purchasing department and producer. 

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Export of delivery notes to the logistics company DACHSER.

Export of delivery notes to the customs software e-trans.

The EDI delivery file is transmitted directly via FTP to the logistics company.

With an .xml-file all relevant logistic data is transmitted to the transport company. This way a smooth delivery process is guaranteed and done efficiently.

Drafting and export of delivery notes, specifically for the shipment of single rolls and C3 packaging.

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The interface to the high-bay warehouse Westfalia enables the automated withdrawal of material with warehouse robots.

List export for the Sanscreen sanction list screening.

Via the interface to UPS all delivery information is transmitted to the transport company to enable a fast delivery process.

Office/ Organisation

Via the MS Office interface it is possible to export tables, campaigns, results and views with one click to Excel.

Calling your customers and suppliers with one click? With the interface to Skype this is no problem anymore.

With the Outlook interface you can send E-Mails, synchronize meetings in the calendar and exchange other useful data.