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Developing ideas and realizing visions together

The label manufacturer robos-labels and theurer.com, provider of the market leading ERP/MIS software C3 for the printing and packaging industry, will not only cooperate in partnership but also strategically in the future. With this cooperation, both companies want to exploit the potential of digitalization and Industry 4.0 in the long term and further expand their positions on the market.

Exploiting synergy effects and achieving market advantages

The goal is to jointly analyze and systematize recurring complex requirements in the industry. These are to be facilitated or solved with suitable networked digital processes.
theurer.com intends to improve existing product components and develop new functions – with the goal of a digitized smart factory. robos-labels is interested in improving the entire “customer and employee journey” and wants to transform complex and extensive applications into standardized and user-friendly processes. Among other things, this involves reducing processing times in the project in order to shorten the time from the idea, through the development and design phase, to production and delivery.
In addition, robos-labels expects its leading ERP system C3 to play a central and leading role in the future, with upstream and downstream processes being interlinked across suppliers. This networking is not to be limited to internal processes such as the networking and documentation of in-process controls and automated print data workflows, but will also deliberately incorporate customer-facing processes such as EDI connections and networked project development steps. By using artificial intelligence – e.g. in production planning – processes are to be automated and employees optimally supported. Together, robos-labels and theurer.com want to bring the model of the digitalized factory to beneficial practical use.

Realize visions

The starting signal has been given: both companies signed an agreement with common goals, which came into effect on July 01, 2021.
For this purpose, the robos-labels Group has created a new position called Digital Transformation, which was filled with Slavik Babenko due to internal restructuring. Mr. Babenko knows all administrative and production processes and, through his studies in network technology, also brings the necessary IT knowledge that this position and cooperation require.

Connecting Common Ground

The company robos-labels has been producing labeling products for over 60 years and now has almost 100 employees Its focus is on labeling for the technical and chemical industry and increasingly also the field of medical technology.
theurer.com produces the leading ERP/MIS software for the specialized printing and packaging industry and has over 12.000 users worldwide with over 200 companies in more than 30 countries.
Both companies are technology-open and future-oriented and can draw on decades of extensive industry knowledge in the field of printing, which they will contribute to the newly formed cooperation from different perspectives. Combined, these two pools of knowledge should enable completely new creative approaches and developments on both sides.

Tobias Theurer, Managing Director Theurer.com GmbH:
“As a software provider, we work with visionary cooperation partners who have the same demand for quality and for the further development of processes as we do. robos-labels is a perfect fit for us as a medium-sized company that thinks and acts innovatively. We pursue the same goals.”

Simon Reuter, managing partner robos-labels:
“robos-labels has complex and fundamentally different use cases almost every day, for which there are often no simple answers. With theurer, we have now found a strategic partner who, as an IT specialist, will help us to make this complexity manageable and more user-friendly for the benefit of our customers and employees.”

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