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For logistics labeling and traceability, our C3 software offers two scenarios: the "big" solution with unique SSCC codes for e.g. pallets, cartons and single rolls. With the "small" solution "Simple Logistics Labeling", pallet labels, carton labels, core labels or closure labels can be generated easily and quickly, away from strict pharmaceutical requirements.

With Simple Logistics Labeling, most traceability requirements can be met with minimal in-house effort. Labeling can be done according to our customer specifications, so even special CI requirements can be met.

Whether sequential numbering or specific barcodes and 2D codes, Simple Logistics Labeling gives you access to ready-made and directly usable standards for pallets, cartons, roll cores or closure labels in various formats, from small up to DIN A4.

With Simple Logistics Labeling, you are also well equipped for international shipping and logistics requirements: multilingual printouts depending on the language set at the customer's premises can be carried out without any problems.

The labels can be additionally individualized with pictures and/or logos and the BDE module enables direct printing from C3. All data such as customer article number, quantities and varieties are pre-filled and can be overwritten if required. Therefore, you can be sure that all data is transferred correctly through the system, while you can still adapt it to special requirements with little effort.

As you can see, Simple Logistics Labeling allows you to label quickly and efficiently directly from C3. Contact us today to learn how you can integrate this functionality into your processes.

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