Update July 2020:

Since official orders have softened the rules for meetings and travels, we can loosen up some of our internal policies as well.

On-Site Meetings allowed again

From now on we are able to offer you on-site meetings again. This is only possible for meetings in Germany. For travels outside of Germany we have to follow the guidance of the respective country as well as the rules for re-entering Germany. We offer individual solutions if possible. 

If we have an in-house meeting at your site, please follow the general hygiene policies to make sure we are all save:

  • Big conference rooms that allow staying at least two meters apart
  • Desinfection of e.g. keyboards, door handles, ... in the meeting rooms
  • Reduction of personal contact to the bare minimum and the smallest possible number of attendees
  • If not available, our employees offer face masks for all attendees

Remote Consulting & Support stays the current standard. 

All services will proceed remotely as usual – either from our offices in Freiberg or from the Home Offices of our respective employees.

We are all interested in surviving the current situation in a healthy and productive way. With that in mind we ask you to keep on working with us remotely. Personal visits of our employees should only be done if nothing else is possible and need detailed coordination.

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