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Timing is everything which is why a plan B for critical sales projects is very important for vacations or sudden sickness. Share your knowledge with your colleagues and make sure nothing goes wrong while you are on vacation.

Al that is possible with the theurer.com C3 task management. All sales processes, contact persons and contact information of your (prospective) customers are saved in the database via tasks. This way you can easily keep track of the wishes, problems and demands of your future customers. Even a handover before your vacation is done efficiently and easy. You just combine all important information in a task and send it to your colleague. This way he has the most important things ready and can even look at older tasks to make sure he has everything he needs when he continues your sales process. 

Even existing customer management is simplified with the task management. With a few clicks you can access old offers, copy and modify it to allow a fast and consistent handling of your customer's needs. If a sales account manager is on vacation without doing a handover, other sales managers are able to check on older tasks and can easily answer questions from their customers.  

Get in contact with us and we show you how task management with C3 can help your sales department.The theurer.com task management is part of the C3 ERP-Software. Set in the CRM module it can be easily modified and expanded. With the task management you organize all processes, tasks and problems in your company. Simplify your process organization, create transparency and improve the communication through your company. You got the tools, no it is on you to expand the possibilities.

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