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No one can remember hundreds of suppliers and their conditions. Supplier A offers graduated prices, with supplier B you have to pay each piece and supplier C is always late. 

Time is money, even in the purchasing department. theurer.com C3 links your materials and commodities with your suppliers. With one click yu can see delivery periods and conditions. No matter if ink, lamps or tools – every article has its own source. Create your individual "who supplies what" for your company.

Naturally we demonstrate how easy the system works. A short message is enough and we call you back.

The theurer.com task management is part of the C3 ERP-Software. Set in the CRM module it can be easily modified and expanded. With the task management you organize all processes, tasks and problems in your company. Simplify your process organization, create transparency and improve the communication through your company. You got the tools, no it is on you to expand the possibilities.

Postal address
theurer.com GmbH
Daimlerstrasse 4
71691 Freiberg

Phone +49 7141 79155 - 0
Fax +49 7141 79155 - 66