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Project Management: always keep the overview

Deadlines, tasks and meetings; not to lose the overview over all projects isn't always easy. If important dates come closer as well, a project manager might just lose his focus.

The theurer.com C3 task management allows an easy organization of all projects and tasks. With a few clicks you start new projects and orders and divide them into tasks. You can give each task a detailed description and send it to an employee who gets all the information he needs.

The practical follow-up function as well as set deadlines are making sure that no task is forgotten. The functional color coding of close deadlines enable you to intervene before a project is too late which results in a smooth process. You keep the strings in your hand and can concentrate on managing and supervising your projects, while your employees have all information they need.

Talk to us – we are going to show you how to organize your projects perfectly with our software.

The theurer.com task management is part of the C3 ERP-Software. Set in the CRM module it can be easily modified and expanded. With the task management you organize all processes, tasks and problems in your company. Simplify your process organization, create transparency and improve the communication through your company. You got the tools, no it is on you to expand the possibilities.

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