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Know-How: turn your fair leads into profit

You have a high investment for your fair attendance and yet no profit comes out of your contacts? Do you want to know why? Because no one in your company does a professional follow-up with these leads. After a few weeks the contacts have fallen asleep. So why don't you start getting your investment back?

theurer.com C3 offers you all tools you need to keep an eye on your leads. You just have to use it. This is how it works: You put your new contacts into the database and assign an employee to said contact. Choose a deadline for getting into contact again and the lead is no set on "in progress".

In the views you can see all leads, sorted by employees and state: red or green. You can add different states to give your views more detail such as contacted lead, date for presentation, offer posted, project started ... our system is as flexible as you need it. 

Are you interested? we can show you how it's done.

The theurer.com task management is part of the C3 ERP-Software. Set in the CRM module it can be easily modified and expanded. With the task management you organize all processes, tasks and problems in your company. Simplify your process organization, create transparency and improve the communication through your company. You got the tools, no it is on you to expand the possibilities.

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