Automated Setup for plate mounting

Goal of the cooperation of and Lehner Sensor-Systeme was, to automate business processes and production cycles during plate mounting. The integration in C3 called FlexoMatrix is the latest development of for industry 4.0 automation.

After the initial project with a mutual customer the collaboration with Lehner Sensor-Systeme began. The company produces sensors and measuring systems for a wide range of tasks in the graphical industry. With the new FlexoMatrix mounting automat the fitting of the flexo-plate is simplified and guarantees a better register accuracy than the fitting by hand.

The new interface submits the order specific data electronically to the fitting automat and it calibrates itself. The FlexoMatrix receives data, for example about the printing machine, the print repeat range or the plate width electronically. It can be implemented easily and allows a higher level of automation, reducing of faults and a quality intensification.

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