Smartphone-App for QR-Codes

The ground-breaking software manufacturer has developed a unique innovation for the print and packaging industry. Suppliers using the C3 web portal can now print two-dimensional QR codes on carton and roll labels, greatly simplifying the order process for their customers.

This development is based on the C3 web portal, which has been offering to users of their established C3 industry software since 2011. This transparent service platform provides customers in the print and packaging industry with optimised management and order processing for their items and brands in a clearly laid out customer portal. As well as allowing enormous time and cost savings in order processing, this easy-to-use module ensures that workflows on both the customer and supplier sides are secure and transparent.

Suppliers now have the brand new option of integrating a QR code into carton labels, roll labels or pallet slips. This quick response tool allows their customers to reorder extremely easily. With the appropriate app, the customer can scan the two-dimensional code almost in passing and instantly view all the relevant item details stored in the customer’s C3 web portal, including images, item descriptions and details of the last order. Using a smartphone, they can check current prices or reorder on the spot. This application works in practice with all current smartphones. Digital encryption ensures that the web portal's additional integrated function is absolutely secure.

The ability to offer this unique option to their customers will put print and packaging manufacturers far ahead of the competition. As well as providing an additional service for their clients, they themselves will also benefit from progressive automation of internal processes within the usual C3 web portal structures. This pioneering, app-based customer communication option will also increase the company's innovative image from a customer perspective.


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