JDF with HP Indigo 20000 and 30000

As part of the HP SmartStream Solution partner program, has reached another milestone with the Job Definition Format (JDF)/Job Messaging Format (JMF) automation between C3, the HP Indigo Digital Front End (DFE), and the HP SmartStream label and packaging print server. As a result, jobs for labels, flexible packaging, and folding cartons from C3 can be automatically transferred to the DFE and are ready to print. This eliminates the need for the manual processing of the print jobs, since all relevant production parameters are defined and stored in C3. Along with the color strategy, ink set, PDF file, Indigo material, and finishing marks, the layout for the respective dies are defined using the optimal width and repeat length of the HP Indigo Digital Press. The JDF integration not only improves efficiency by eliminating the need for processing at the HP Indigo front end, but also provides long-term process reliability.

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