Business Intelligence Dashboards

The C3 business intelligence dashboards bring together all of the important figures and information in a management cockpit.


Facts relevant to decisions, at a glance

The key elements of a BI dashboard are the adjustable user interface and the ability to combine real-time data from various areas. With just one click on a dashboard, different interest groups, such as sales, production, or controlling, receive the information that is relevant to them and always up to date. Users always get transparent access to the most important and up to date key figures at a glance, which simplifies the process of making decisions and managing business processes.



Practical example: production cockpit

Dashboards can be tailored to specific roles, displaying metrics geared toward a certain viewpoint or department. One example for the use of a dashboard is a production cockpit that shows production output, on-time performance, costs of errors, and capacity at a glance, with all of this information always up to date. The dashboard visualizes the key results in clear and well-organized graphic form, making it easy to monitor.


Flexibly configurable data in real time

The dashboard’s flexible adjustment options accommodate individual requirements within the company, along with the requirement that the data be absolutely reliable. The built-in drill-down feature lets users navigate within aggregated data in tables and graphics, down to individual data objects. Other items can be accessed from there, such as further detailed analyses. Graphics and key figures are updated in real time, so they supply current information on an ongoing basis.



  • Flexible configuration options – view can be adjusted according to interests, areas, or authorizations
  • Interactive drill-down – access detailed analyses right from the dashboard
  • Broken down into different kinds of tiles – key figures, graphics, Web content


Key benefits

  • Graphic visualization of key performance indicators at a glance
  • Monitor performance indicators for a wide range of different departments in a single chart
  • Quickly identify and correct negative trends
  • Quickly identify and correct negative trends
  • Present all figures in real time


The C3 Dashboards will be available starting Drupa 2016. 


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