PPS | Production planning system

A key factor behind business success is ensuring efficient production planning and control, which will allow your high product quality to stand out from the rest, despite high cost pressure and intensifying competition. For order-related production in particular, as well as long-term planning, the ability to react flexibly in the short term is also important. C3 supports you in deploying and exploiting your resources optimally as well as minimizing throughput times.

Your key advantages at a glance

  • The combination of schedule planning and control room helps all parties produce corresponding orders, which will save on costs of set-up times and procure additional capacities
  • With automatically calculated time slots for each job step, find out early which orders are behind schedule and require attention
  • The material-requirement analysis determines what has to be ordered at all levels of an order (material, colors, tool,…) and sets up your expenditure accordingly
  • Precise description of job steps and screening criteria help ensure that no QS-relevant information is lost, helping you relax in the run-up to the next QS audit
Graphical scheduling board

Different filters and views to support your planning.

Fully Automated Production Optimization with Artificial Intelligence

Smaller orders, shorter delivery times, wider material diversity: production planning is getting more complex and faster which demands for specific knowledge of an experienced planner. This ends now: From now on C3 optimizes the whole production planning automatically with Artificial Intelligence.

C3 AI combines various novel theoretical methods from research and science to create different scenarios for example minimization of transgression of delivery dates or the maximization of (machine) capacity utlizitation.

The results are automatically created, optimized machine occupancy plans that include delivery dates, material availability and replenishment time, set-up time saving and existing capacities. New orders can be added dynamically. Flexible machine configuration allows the optimization of all set-up time relevant factors. That means: in the future your machines only get the absolute necessary modifications. With flexible emphasis you fit your focus to the current market situation. For example to emphasize delivery date fulfillment or orders from key accounts or minimization of costs.

The enormous computing power needed for this Artificial Intelligence application is offered by us,, in high performance data centers via cloud.

Process plans and bills of material

All manufacturing relevant data or manufacturing variants of an article are centrally administered in working plans. A working plan consists of individual work steps and a bill of materials. Target time and material consumption details build the baseline of the estimate and a material requirements analysis or a calculation of the earliest possible delivery date.

Production orders

Overview of current production orders
The production order includes all information and data which are relevant for in-time manufacturing and quality assurance. There all target values are recorded such as which material shall be taken in which quantity from which inventory location. The manufacturing is supervised comprehensively in progress. Deadlines for each department can be entered and controlled. The actual data concerning the status and progress of a certain order comes from the data collection at the shop floor. The user therefore is always up to date on the status and progress of a certain order. Meeting delivery deadlines or giving useful information about order progress is made simple.

A special aspect is the assurance of the product quality. With detailed production orders combined with the shop floor control system, quality problems can be determined in time and can be solved. Details for each work step in a production order inform your employees of particular technical features and requirements to make sure that problems that have already occurred will not happen again.

Capacity planning

The C3 capacity planning supports the coordination deadlines, production orders and shift plans with each other. C3 automatically calculated earliest start dates and latest completion dates for every involved department or for individual work steps. As a result a detailed capacity forecast is possible and adjustable for delivery times or shift plans in time.

Material requirement planning

C3 supports you optimally in the material requirement planning. For an article or a production order, each material or article consumption is calculated. Consumption of bills of material at several levels can be allocated by article. Depending on the current inventory and the reordering time of articles or materials, purchase orders can be generated automatically or manually.

Additional functions at a glance

  • Production parts lists with as many levels as desired inc. job steps
    and bill of material explosion
  • Internal production orders and proposals 
  • Rough capacity planning
  • Detailed planning with forward and reverse scheduling as well as troubleshooting
  • Quality assurance 
  • Management of statuses and milestones for production orders