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With the release 202 of C3.2020, extensive speed optimizations were made available as a "Performance Pack".
C3.2020 now offers significantly better performance values than C3.2012 or earlier releases of C3.2020 with identical hardware infrastructure.
As part of the "Performance Pack", various basic technologies were renewed or newly introduced, e.g. a further developed SQL Server Connection, caching and InMemory processing, as well as other optimizations in detail.

To measure the overall performance of a C3 infrastructure, there is the "C3 Benchmark*", which simulates a typical usage of C3 by a user.
We distinguish two test scenarios: Maximum Speed (unloaded system) and Heavy Workload (system already has high basic load due to many users/machines).

In the Maximum Speed scenario: Before 47 scenarios – after 29 seconds; Performance increase of 39 %.
In the Heavy Workload scenario: Before 133 sseconds – after 62 seconds; Performance increase by 54 %.



*Benchmark = simulation of thousands of different user inputs over a predefined period of time

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