The emergency number in a company is the IT. If computers don't start anymore, files are suddenly "missing" or if a program crashes all the time: alert the admin! Between all of these rather "important" and "most important" tasks, there is also daily business to do. It's not easy to keep track of everything that is asked for.

The C3 task management can help the IT immensly to implement a helpful ticketing system. All problems, wishes and tasks are recorded with one click. They can be arranged, grouped and delegated easily. With the well-arranged view of the tasks, the daily business of the IT manager is made easy and efficient. Which problems can be solved quickly? Which tasks need more time? No need to use a handwritten to-do-list that can be lost easily. In the C3 task manager you collect all tasks and nothing is lost anymore.

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The task management is part of the C3 ERP-Software. Set in the CRM module it can be easily modified and expanded. With the task management you organize all processes, tasks and problems in your company. Simplify your process organization, create transparency and improve the communication through your company. You got the tools, no it is on you to expand the possibilities.

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