New user interface for estimating / product configuration

In line with our mission of continuous improvements, C3 is launching a new and more intuitive user interface for the C3 estimating module, enabling a better overview and optimized user control. The improved clarity is seen in detailed menus which can be folded into and out of the screen, and an easy visibility of changes via color marking. The user interface can be adapted to individual requirements and remains update-secure. It is also possible to configure company specific rules, enabling it to reflect the in-house estimating philosophy. Furthermore, the optimized functionality provides better support for products comprised of several parts and intuitive filtering possibilities for materials, tools, etc.

Overview on improvements


  • Color highlighting of dependencies within an product configuration, e.g.  "speed" and "set up time" depends on "inline waste stripping"

  • Improved user interface for picking colors

  • Display of thumbnails for easier value selection

  • Improved overviews by cascading  menus, which can be hidden and displayed as you liek
  • Optimized support for multi-part products, like booklet- labels oder corrugated displays
  • Graphical sheet optimization

  • Intuitive filters in Microsoft Office style for easiert selection of dies, materials, ...

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